Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Children

What is A Random Act of Kindness?

A random act of kindness is doing something which makes someone feel happy, helps them out, or brightens their day. The act could be planned or spontaneous. The idea is that you pay the kindness forward so that when one person does something kind or helpful then the receiver will be cheered up and is more likely to do something nice for someone else. This spreads kindness and happiness throughout your local community. Doing something selfless will also help your child to feel good about themselves.


So what could your child do to join in with Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17th February? Have a look at the ideas below with them and choose one together.


Random Acts of Kindness


Make a handmade card and write a kind message or quote in it and give it to a stranger.

Draw a picture for a friend.

Write jokes on to post it notes and give them to your friends.

Participate in a beach clean or litter pick up.

Use your pocket money to buy your sibling an ice cream or hot chocolate.

hot chocolate in a red mug with marshmallows and chocolate flake sprinkled on top

Offer to carry an elderly person’s shopping to their car (with parental assistance).

Donate your hair after a haircut.

Read to a younger child during a visit to the library.

Smile and say hello to people you pass for a whole day.

Knit a scarf for a homeless person.

knitted scarf with needles still in the wool. Blue and Olive colour.

Hold a door open to let someone else through first.

Send someone a postcard telling them why they are a great friend or relative.

Fundraise to run/walk 1K or 5K for a cause you choose.

Help pack bags at your local supermarket.

Buy flowers and give them to someone who cares for you.

Colourful bunch of flowers looking from above. Pinks, yellows, reds and purple flowers and some green foliage.

Make a shoebox of food/warm items and deliver it to your local homeless shelter.

Clean a relative’s car.

Do all the chores at home for a day.

Give up your seat on the bus for another person.

Make your family breakfast in bed.

wooden tray with knife and fork on a napkin, orange juice in a glass, pink flower, bowl of orange segments, white plate with heart shaped waffles and berries on

Give/loan a friend a book you have finished reading and enjoyed.

Clean the house.

Bake cookies for the local shopkeeper/postman.

Use your pocket money to pay for a cup of tea for the person behind you in the café.

Bake cupcakes for a local group/club meeting or to take to your local care home.

home made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and coloured sprinkles

Cook a meal for a family member or neighbour.

Make a family photobook for a grandparent.

Make a compliment card for a friend.

Offer to walk a dog you know.

Make bookmarks for children in the local hospital and take or send them in.


Let me know in the comments below if your children decide to do any of my suggestions for Random Act of Kindness Day. Have a great day!

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