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The Teaching Compass Ethos

The Teaching Compass fully integrates our ethos into all of our work. Creative, inspiring, adventurous, flexible. We also offer parental support and personalised learning.



Creativity is one of the key skills everyone should have. To be truly creative we must let go of all fear. We must teach our children not to worry about making mistakes, or not doing it ‘how it should be done’. We should embrace creativity and encourage our children to use their imaginations to have fun; teach them that there is not always a right way or one route and that the greatest discoveries come about through play and trial and error. The Teaching Compass encourages play based learning at primary level and this is woven into all of our resources right up until Year 6. We appreciate that for KS3 many people will purchase our resources because they want their child to complete formal qualifications. However, we don’t believe that creativity should stop because of this, so we have included lots of creative opportunities within our KS3 units. There are opportunities to get out and about; to pretend to be a character from a book; to direct and perform in a play; to create animation; to complete independent research and present it as your child chooses; to paint; to photograph; to write. These creative activities will inspire and engage your child and will not restrict them to one option. They are still free to use their imaginations. They are still free to make mistakes. They are still free to try something new and not feel fear. Creativity is a key skill for your child’s future and The Teaching Compass will help them to grow.



The Teaching Compass inspires children through topics and activities which are interesting and engaging and through creative opportunities which allow your child to express themselves. Our curriculums offer lots of freedom to your child. Freedom to use their imaginations and opportunities to go off on a tangent of learning as they are inspired. They can easily head back into the curriculum once they have finished their own exploration. Our resources will guide your child through their learning journey and support you to help them along the way, but we will never restrict them. Instead The Teaching Compass will set your child free to use their imaginations and to be inspired.



The Teaching Compass doesn’t give your child a text book or a series of worksheets to follow. Our resources are full of outdoor learning and creative opportunities. The Teaching Compass offers freedom for your child to express themselves in their own way and to record their learning only when necessary. Our curriculums encourage your child to develop their independent learning skills and to develop a love of learning which they will keep with them as they grow. We will teach your child to solve problems; to ask questions; to find answers; to make connections; to challenge assumptions; to think creatively; to develop a sense of self and to explore the world around them. Children are naturally curious – let’s keep them them that way.


All of The Teaching Compass resources are fully flexible to fit around your individual family life. There are no timetables or set number of hours to complete per week/month. Instead the work is given an approximate total length of time and your child can work through it at their pace. Some children may enjoy completing the learning in a block, other children may prefer to complete a set number of hours per week. Whichever style suits your child, The Teaching Compass Curriculums fit perfectly.


Parental Support

The Teaching Compass Resources are fully parent friendly. You do not need to worry about not knowing the answer or not having covered that subject in school. Our curriculums will support you all of the way. They will save you precious time hunting for ideas and resources which you can instead spend with your family. The curriculums are written for you, the parent. They clearly guide you through all of the activities that you give to your child. They allow you to adapt the learning to your child’s interests and needs.

However, if you are still concerned and would like some extra support I offer a Parental Support Package which can be tailored to you. If you are interested in learning more about this, please pop me an email for more information –


Personalised Learning

Every curriculum at The Teaching Compass starts with a blank page so there are many options which I can offer for your child if you feel that they need a different resource. If you would like a personalised or adapted curriculum for your child please get in touch to discuss your ideas and requirements. I have a limited number of parents who I work with on personalised learning at one time.