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Looking for new home education resources? Where do you currently get your art and craft supplies for your home education projects? I am always wondering where I may be able to find a material to complete an art project or wishing that I had some of this or some of that in the cupboard or wishing it wasn’t so expensive. Then I heard about the Dorset Scrapstore – an aladdins cave of art and craft supplies and resources at a fraction of the cost and I knew I’d have to go and see it for myself.


The Scrapstore is an initiative set up to recycle and reuse safe materials collected from factories, manufacturers and corporate companies and sold on to schools, clubs and individuals for a low cost, keeping the items out of landfill and turning companies waste into useful arts and crafts supplies. The materials are constantly changing which means that each time you visit you will find something new. Have a look at their scrap supply gallery for some ideas.

Home Education Resources rolls of paper, foam and materials

The Dorset Scrapstore charges £4 for a small bag or £7 for a bin liner full of bits. Most of the items in the Scrapstore are included in this deal although some materials are available at a separate cost. When I went last I bought some Pritt Stick for an additional cost, which was still cheaper than in the shops. I had my eye on some of the glitter paints too with Christmas around the corner, so I am sure I will head back soon to get those.


I filled a bin liner full of goodies shared with my mum who is a Brown Owl. I have plenty of resources for some exciting Christmas themed craft projects including making a mini Christmas tree, a snowman and lots of Christmassy ribbons for card making. My almost 3 year old son is really into practising his zips at the moment so I bought him a large zip to play with and refine his motor skills. I also got a gorgeous box which I couldn’t resist. I haven’t quite decided what to use it for yet. Any suggestions? Since it was my first visit I felt a little overwhelmed by all the options and it was only after I left that I realised I could use some of the resources there as small world props so I will head back soon to buy some more bits including lots of different fabrics.


Home education resources from the Dorset Scrapstore coloured ribbons


The Dorset Scrapstore also hosts events for adults, children and groups. These included family workshops. This year they have held family workshops titled ‘Kites and Flying Objects’, ‘Spring’, ‘Clay Houses’ and ‘Christmas’. I am sure they would be happy to run events for local home education groups if you ask.


The Dorset Scrapstore isn’t the only one! They can be found all around the country so wherever you live have a look and find your nearest scrap store.


The Dorset Scrapstore is a charity and relies on volunteers and community support. Their 18 year old van has almost given up and without it they aren’t able to collect any of the resources. If anyone is able to loan them a van or help them with their fundraising efforts they would greatly appreciate it.


Home Education Resources delivered by an old van which needs replacing

Next time you are looking for arts and crafts home education resources remember to visit your nearest Scrapstore first.



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