Fairtrade Fortnight Activities

It is Fairtrade Fortnight which offers a great opportunity to learn all about the world. Here are some activity ideas for you to try out with your child over the next couple of weeks.


Fairtrade Products

Head down to the Supermarket and ask your child to find products which have the Fairtrade symbol on them.

Fairtrade logoAsk your child to write down the following points so they can use the information later. They could also take photos of the products to use for the next activity, or they could find images of the products on the computer when they get home.

  • What is the name and brand of the product?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Which ingredients are Fairtrade?

Identifying which ingredients are Fairtrade may be tricky to figure out so they could have a look on the product/brand pages online once you are home.

World Map Collage

Create a Fairtrade product world map. Stick product packaging or photos of ingredients in the correct source location on the map. You could use a world map template which you can download from online or your child could make a world map outline on sugar paper or the floor using fair-trade symbols, packaging or coins. Don’t forget to take a photo of your child’s finished work, especially if they have put lots of effort into creating their world map. You can display the photo at your Fairtrade tea party.


Host a Fairtrade Tea Party

Ask your child to organise, or help you organise, a Fairtrade tea party to raise awareness about the benefits of Fairtrade. Your child could create an information leaflet and some campaign posters which support Fairtrade and highlight the benefits of buying Fairtrade products. These could be displayed at the party and the given to guests. Have your child’s Fairtrade map collage on display too so your guests can see where in the world their yummy treats have come from. Your child could also help to invite your guests and plan and prepare the Fairtrade food you will have at your tea party. Try to use as many Fairtrade products or ingredients as possible and don’t forget to use Fairtrade tea. Enjoy your party!


Please let me know how you get on with the activities by leaving me a comment below. Alternatively, head over to The Teaching Compass Facebook page and share your photos with me.



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