Harry Potter Script Writing


Harry Potter Script Writing is a 4 week English study for KS3 aged children.

  • Write a Section of a Play Script Based on Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
  • Learn about the Structure of a Play Script
  • Learn about the Key Features to include in a Play
  • Perform the Play
  • Skills of Performance



Calling all Harry Potter fans! If you would like to immerse yourself into the creative and magical world of Harry Potter then this is the home education curriculum for you.


Harry Potter Script Writing home education curriculum is an exciting opportunity for your child to write part of a play based on the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling. During this topic, the learning begins by ensuring that your child has a good knowledge about the structure of a play script, the difference between a narrative and a play script and key features to be included in a play script.  Then the real creativity begins as your child uses these skills to write their very own scenes and then moves on to perform them too.


The learning in this unit is suited for a range of abilities and could be completed with children of differing ages as a variety of options for the end result are suggested and can be adapted as required. However, the learning is based on KS3 objectives.


This topic would perfectly suit being completed after the ‘An Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth’ as your child would use the knowledge about play writing and layout that they have learnt in that unit to help them write their scenes for the Harry Potter Script.


Harry Potter Script Writing home education curriculum provides approximately 4 weeks of learning for 4 hours per week, although this may vary depending on how long a play your child wishes to write.


Note – To complete this unit it is expected that your child will have previously read at least one of the Harry Potter stories and will have access to at least one of the series during this topic.


To view a sample of Harry Potter Script Writing home education curriculum please click on the link below.

Sample Harry Potter Script Writing


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