Imperial China History


Imperial China is a 12 hour history topic for home educated children in KS3. The learning is engaging and active and will enable your child to gain a better understanding of life under the rule of Chinese Emperors.

  • Create a Timeline of Key Events
  • Create Terracotta Warriors
  • Analyse Artefacts from Imperial China
  • Investigate Life in the Qing Dynasty
  • Develop an Understanding of Bias
  • Build Your Own Great Wall of China



Imperial China home education topic is a 12 hour history topic for KS3 aged children about life in Imperial China with a focus on the Qing Dynasty. Imperial China covers a range of KS3 history objectives from the English National Curriculum.

Your child will analyse photographs of historical artefacts, learn about the imperial dynasties which ruled ancient China and be introduced to the first true emperor, Emperor Qin. They will learn about his desire for power and fear of death which resulted in the creation of the Terracotta Warriors and the building of the Great Wall of China.

Your child will then study the Qing dynasty in detail learning about the different leaders and life under imperial rule using photographic and artistic evidence and artefacts to inform their analysis.

If you would like to see some examples of the Imperial China activities please view Sample Imperial China


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