An Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth


An Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth is a 7 week English study for KS3 aged children.

  • An Introduction to the Life of William Shakespeare
  • Learning about Shakespeare’s Work
  • Researching Life in Elizabethan Theatre
  • Detailed Study of the Play Macbeth
  • Performance of Scenes from Macbeth



To begin with this home education curriculum will introduce your child to Shakespeare in an engaging manner which includes a supported research project to allow your child to learn all about Britain’s most famous writer – William Shakespeare. To support your child and help them to learn more about Shakespearean writing there is a section which introduces them to Shakespearean language and the writer’s other plays . This section of the learning is especially useful if your child has not read or seen any of Shakespeare’s work in the past.


The curriculum then moves on to study one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies – Macbeth. As they read the entire play, your child will meet with witches, a murdered King and a power hungry wife who combine to ensure that Macbeth looses all of his common sense and reason. There is an overview of the plot in the sample below if you are not familiar with the play yourself. During the reading of the play, there are plenty of opportunities for your child to analyse the transition and downfall of the key characters and to compare the original text with modern language. There are also opportunities for your child to practise their speaking and listening skills and to be as dramatic as they wish as they perform scenes of the play, either independently or as part of a small group. We encourage your children to be as creative as they wish with their performances using props and costumes to help them immerse themselves into their roles and better understand the language and characters as they do so.


An Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth home education curriculum provides approximately 7 weeks of learning based on 4 hours of activity per week. Since it is a reading topic the time can vary depending on your child’s reading speed and comprehension. A copy of the text is not provided. If this is the first Shakespearean play your child has encountered then they may take a little longer than the suggested 7 weeks as they familiarise themselves with the structure and language used. You may prefer to find a copy of the play which includes a modern day translation to help your child’s understanding. Copies of the text should be available in your local library, bookshop or online.


To view an example of An Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth home education unit please open the sample below.

Sample Macbeth



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