Muddy Boots Reception Unit


Muddy Boots is a 6 week flexible, adventurous and play based unit of learning for Reception aged home educated children full of outdoor learning opportunities. We recommended that you use Muddy Boots near the beginning of your child's education.

  • Outdoor Learning
  • Sensory Walk
  • Counting with Nature
  • Weather Report
  • Percy the Park Keeper
  • Creating with Nature


Muddy Boots home school curriculum is a great opportunity to begin your home education journey for your child. It is a fun and engaging resource to ensure that your child’s home education journey gets off to the best start. The plentiful outdoor learning opportunities give your child the perfect chance to pull on their boots and get them nice and muddy.

Muddy Boots creative curriculum begins with a sensory walk in the park where your child will have the opportunity to develop their phonics skills. Percy and the Park Keeper offers literacy based links and your child will have the chance to make their own park and use their new vocabulary to write about it. This is followed by an introduction into the days, months and seasons as well as weather observations as your child creates their own weather measuring instruments and completes a weather study. Your child will have the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills in this topic with action songs and obstacle courses before they practise their counting of objects out and about.

Two books are required for the Muddy Boots home school curriculum. These could be borrowed or purchased by yourself:

‘After the Storm’ from the Percy and the Park Keeper series by Nick Butterworth

‘A Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle

If you would like to know more please have a look at Sample Muddy Boots


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